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At Corriculo, we strive to pair winning teams with the talent to match. With over 40 years’ industry experience, we’ve seen the challenges brands face in hiring specialist IT talent. More than that, we know how to get it right the first time round.

Our Account Management team is focused on finding you the perfect role. It takes a proven process to become a successful recruiter, job descriptions are only a small piece of the puzzle. We infuse your needs, work culture and current hiring processes into our search. We will pair your company with the right fit to drive your next success story.

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Uniting Global Leaders with World-Class Talent

Software Engineering Recruitment

Our tech recruiting service pairs leading firms with the best-fit prospects to drive their growth. We push even the most niche programs, apps, social media platforms and devices forward with unique talent and creative flair.

Looking for specialist software engineering prospects? Our hiring managers can help you find talent hand-picked for your needs, expertise and work culture.

IT Management Recruitment

Whether permanent or project, Corriculo is your go-to source for top IT management talent. We draw on 40+ years of combined expertise, so our services can match the right prospect with the right job opening.

Looking for best-fit IT Managers to lead your team? Our sourcing consultants can find you the perfect match from our regional talent pool.

IT Support Recruitment

Unearthing skilled IT support prospects is what we do best. We combine head-hunting expertise with home-grown talent, to source high quality potential candidates to tackle your toughest challenges.

On the hunt for your next great hire? Our specialized sourcing team can find you IT support talent to match your needs, time-frame and work culture. Entry level positions to seasoned team leaders, we do it all.

Project & Product Management Recruitment

As a specialist Project & Product Management recruiter, we are well-versed on every inch of the industry you’re looking to hire from. Our consultants specialize in finding the skill-sets you need, with the talent to match.

Looking for the perfect managerial hire for your team? Our sourcing team can help you find the perfect fit for your needs, deadlines and work culture.

Don't See Your Sector?

Since 2013, we’ve matched firms of all sizes with the right staff to drive their growth. With Corriculo, you can be sure that the right people will see your job vacancy, no matter the sector or contract type.

Looking for specialist IT talent to join your business? Our team can find you prospects that match your needs, expertise and work culture.


Popular Recruitment Locations


Driving California forward. We’ve helped West Coast businesses to fill their niche technical roles with IT talent since 2013.


Our Connecticut staffing experts pair both the state’s newest start-ups and global industry leaders with world-class information technology talent.


Combining our recruitment experience and niche job market expertise, we support business leaders with talented IT staff in the Sunshine State

New Jersey

Our award-winning teams have over 40 years’ of experience filling niche vacancies across New Jersey’s thriving business sector.

New York

With a network of specialist IT talent, we’ve helped New York firms rapidly scale their teams with staff that can drive projects forward.

North Carolina

We can supply companies in North Carolina with the refined skill-sets and qualities they need to create the growth they want.


We help Texas companies to find their next great IT hire, from graduate roles to senior-level IT experts, with a range of disciplines and experience levels.


Staffing Virginia’s IT demands. On the hunt for quality technical talent? Our technical recruiters can find world-class staff for Virginia businesses.


What We Do

Instant Selection
We take the burden entirely off your shoulders. Our recruitment process will give you a selection of high quality prospects to choose from.
Legal Advice
Our recruitment consultants take care of the legal side of hiring. They will screen resumes and handle the first interview stages, or any admin that can be time-consuming.
Turnaround Time
When you give the green light for us to recruit, we will come back quickly with a range of applicants to match your needs.
Your Choice
Select from a range of prospects in our extensive network. Identify who best suits your team's internal culture, business needs and ambitions.


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Driving innovation with exceptional recruitment

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